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Anna Przybyszewska

Anna Przybyszewska

anna.przybyszewska@sobieski.org.pl |

Expert in the field of energy.

Topics: energy, new nuclear reactors, nuclear science projects

Project manager and specialist experienced in working in international R&D energy, nuclear and RES environments.
Graduate of the Faculty of Nuclear Power, Department of Power and Fuels, at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.

While working for the National Centre for Nuclear Research, she participated in projects related to nuclear cogeneration and other non-electrical applications of nuclear power, Generation IV reactors, as well as meetings to prepare requirements for new generation nuclear reactors. Co-author of reports developed under: the ALLEGRO reactor initiative, NC2-IR and HTR-PL. Participant in international courses: Training for foreign young researchers and engineers of Orai Research and Develop Center (2015) and Intercontinental Nuclear Institute (2016).

Expert Publications