23 December 2022 dr Michał Beim Comment 5 min

The upcoming election year will not be conducive to a systemic approach to the problems of transport infrastructure in Poland. On the one hand, the narrative about the group of supposed successes of

20 December 2022 dr Łukasz Zaborowski Comment 10 min

"The administrative division of Poland is out of step with history. Monuments suffer," warns the "Local Government Portal" in reference to an interview about the newly established National Institute for Historic Preservation. That

9 November 2022 prof. Tomasz G. Grosse Comment 6 min

The leadership of France and Germany in the EU was shaken by the war in Ukraine, given the policies of both countries before and during the Russian aggression. Additionally, changes in the EU

7 September 2021 Bartłomiej Michałowski Comment 6 min

The comment was prepared by intern Maciej Lorens under the lead of expert Bartłomieja Michałowskiego. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic increase in demand for new ways of enabling people to follow

3 October 2017 prof. Tomasz G. Grosse Comment 4 min

Both current president and government of Poland have stated many times that they support integration within the European Union, and such view is shared by the majority of Polish society. Nevertheless Polish authorities

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