7 November 2016 prof. Tomasz G. Grosse Comment 6 min

The European Union entered the 21st century with a common currency and strengthened by new members from Central Europe. It seemed that the integration has reached a new scale and pace. This was, however,

23 June 2015 prof. Tomasz G. Grosse Analysis 2 min

In 2008, the European Union entered an economic crisis that at first affected the financial system and then turned into a crisis of the Eurozone. This meant serious implications for the on-going processes

8 January 2013 dr Robert Zajdler Report < 1 min

Raport The future of gas pricing in the long-term contracts in Central Eastern Europe. Global markets trends versus regional particularities autorstwa eksperta IS w dziedzinie energetyki dr. Roberta Zajdlera poświęcony jest niezwykle istotnej dla

14 November 2012 Grzegorz Pytel Media 11 min

Future tax and fiscal obligations, such as royalties to state authorities, are critical in making shale gas exploration investment decisions. Such investments are massive and are potentially worth billions of dollars, if they