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Andrzej Maciejewski

andrzej.maciejewski@sobieski.org.pl | +48 502 416 861
Expert in local government and regional policy.

Topics: regional development, local government, Smart City, Poland’s policy towards its eastern neighbours.

From 2015 to 2019, a member of the Sejm of the 8th term. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Local Self-Government and Regional Policy. Member of the Parliamentary Committees for Administration and Internal Affairs and for Energy and the State Treasury.

Over recent years he has been involved in the topics of the closed loop economy and energy self-sufficient municipalities as well as the Smart City. An ardent supporter of the development of Public-Private Partnership. As an MP, he was actively involved in Polish-Lithuanian and Polish-Ukrainian rapprochement at the level of local self-government.

In 2007-2015, he was a Sobieski Institute expert on Eastern Affairs, author of numerous publications and statements on Russia, especially the Kaliningrad Oblast.

Expert Publications