Piotr Tempczyk

Piotr Tempczyk

Expert in artificial intelligence and new technologies.

Topics: Research on artificial intelligence and implementation of new technologies

Professionally, he has been involved in data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence for 8 years. He has been associated with such Polish companies as Gemius, IIIT, Nethone, Daftcode and Sigmoidal. He currently works for the Polish company SonarHome, where he develops tools for property valuation based on artificial intelligence.

A few years ago, together with Maciej Dziubiński, he founded the Polish Machine Learning Institute Foundation, where he conducts research on artificial intelligence together with young scientists and students and supports and promotes Polish researchers in the field of machine learning.

Graduated from the Faculty of Physics, and is currently in the process of completing his PhD in neural networks at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw.